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  • September 22, 2017

OppiKoppi Competition

OppiKoppi Competition

504 504 Ngoy

*COMPETITION TIME* Because we love you all so much, and just so excited to be playing at OppiKoppi 23: Me now, the Mango Picker we have put together this HUGE prize!

– 2x tickets to OppiKoppi 23: Me now, the Mango Picker,
– 1x Cooler Box from MerchStore
– 2x Camping Chairs from MerchStore
– 2x DM Shirts,
– 2x DM face buffs,
– 2x DM Large Flasks,
– 2x Small Flasks,
– 2x “Herb” Grinders from BIG IDEAS 3D Printing,
– 1x DM Bottle Opener,
– 2x DM mugs,
– The High Street Beard Oil soaps, beard care pack and shirt,
– Ground Coffee, Coffee Pods, Filters and a Strainer from The Monthly Grind,
– 2x Packs of beer, 1x Bottle of Brandy from SearchKings Africa,
– 1x Sunscreen,
– 1x pack of wet wipes,
– 1x box of plasters and
– 1x pack of TP.
– 1 Love Letter from the band.

A massive thank you to our partners and sponsors for helping us put this prize together.

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